Taking advantage of advanced fully-automatic machines of industrialized countries in the manufacture of spoons, forks and knives and analysis of three decades of experience in the production process have turned Sanaye Steel iran Company to the first and largest producer of stainless steel spoons, forks and knives in Iran (Since 1983).

  • Close observation of the modern technology in developed countries such as Germany (Zollingen), Japan and Italy and the peak of automation in the last three decades has motivated us to prioritize the needs of different classes of people and the fastidious preference of Iranians and present a variety of products to the markets with the help of Iranian technical engineers and under the supervision of Japanese experts.
  • This company is incessantly trying to obtain modern technology and production technology while taking into account different tastes and preferences of fastidious choosers. The production staff of this company is committed and diligent to improve quality and provide beautiful models. In addition to supplying the products needed by the normal consumers, we have succeeded in offering gold, bronze, matte, gloss and sandblasted products in various models.
  • This company has also been a pioneer in providing special services to hotels, institutions and organizations and printing and engraving their names on various products and making molds, printing and custom packaging. In the light of these efforts, “Sanaye Steel Iran” has managed to receive several standard awards since 1999. The unmatched welcome of our dear compatriots shows the success of Sanaye Steel Iran Company and it is an honor for the hard-working employees of this company who try to present very beautiful, diverse and durable products to your warm homes.

In order to maintain and improve the quality of products and also increase customer satisfaction, Sanaye Steel Iran Company has implemented and established quality management systems (ISO9001: 2008) and customer satisfaction management (ISO10002: 2004) and has managed to receive the relevant certificates from SGS Company in Swiss.